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Labour Launch Manifesto In Birmingham

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, launched Labour’s General Election manifesto at Birmingham City University earlier today.

He hailed it as the “most radical and ambitious plan to transform our country in decades”, declaring “it’s time for real change.”

The labour leader put forward an ambitious plan which included plans to;

  • Bring rail, mail and energy into public ownership
  • Free fibre optic broadband
  • A living wage of £10 an hour
  • at least 150,000 new council and social homes a year within five years

Here is some of the key Labour proposals…


Included in the manifesto is Labour’s support for the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent.

The Manifesto says “Labour will also actively lead multilateral efforts under our obligations to the Non-Proliferation Treaty to create a nuclear-free world.”

This support of Trident is in contrast with the views of John Mcdonnel who are strongly opposed to Trident, in 2015 Mr Corbyn said that he would never use the detterant.

When pressed by Journalism students on whether he and Corbyn supported Trident, the shadow chancellor said:

“I support labour policy, I have always been opposed to nuclear weapons”

Public Service Pay Raise

The manifesto includes a 5% April pay rise for Nurses, teachers, doctors, firefighters, police and other public service workers will all get a in April under Labour.

Labour has provided a break down of what this would mean for workers in practice;

  • Newly qualified nurses: more than £1,200
  • Firefighters: more than £1,800 on average
  • Teachers in state-funded schools: almost £2,000 on average
  • Junior doctors: almost £1,400
  • Police constables: almost £2,000
  • Army sergeants: more than £1,700
  • Civil servants: more than £1,300 on average
  • Council workers: more than £1,200 on average

The Labour leader said:

“Labour will give our nurses, teachers, doctors, firefighters, police and others a pay rise to begin to undo the damage caused by the Tories and Lib Dems and reward the people who do so much for us all.”


The manifesto included plans for “the biggest council and social housing programme in decades to transform the lives of millions of people struggling to afford a decent home because of the housing crisis.”

Mr Corbyn said “Housing should be for the many, not a speculation opportunity for dodgy landlords and the wealthy few.”

Other parties have made pledges on housing, the Conservatives say it would construct a million homes over the next five years.

The Liberal Democrat’s have said that if elected they would ensure 300,000 new homes are built each year.

Social Care

Plans for social care were also included,

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Social Care , Barbara Keeley has announced that a Labour government will “provide more care packages, free personal care for over 65s and we will cap care costs so that no one is faced with paying catastrophic costs for their care.”

Pledges were also made for careers, these included raising the Carers’ Allowance for full-time unpaid carers in line with Job Seeker’s Allowance.

Mr Corbyn spoke of scepticism about politicians’ promises and the ”ferocious attacks against Labour and its plans to transform Britain.”

He said that people can judge whether to trust Labour to deliver its fully-costed manifesto, which is “full of popular policies that the political establishment has blocked for a generation”, based on the “furious reaction” of the rich and the powerful.



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